Multiple members of CMMID are working on the ongoing Covid-19 (previously referred to as novel coronavirus or nCov) outbreak caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This page shows an overview of our work. We regularly update this page with new and updated work.

Our group has made multiple interactive applications where some of our work can be explored further.

We also translated some of our posts in Chinese: 中文版

We have divided our work on this topic under the following categories:

Control measures

Current patterns of transmission

Severity of Covid-19

Early outbreak dynamics

The list below shows all our work on this topic




in-progress | First online: 01-04-2020 | Last update: 01-04-2020

We use a stochastic age-structured transmission model to explore a range of COVID-19 intervention scenarios in the UK, including the introduction of school closures, social distancing, shielding of elderly groups, self-isolation of symptomatic cases, and extreme "lockdown"-type restrictions.

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in-progress | First online: 03-03-2020 | Last update: 04-03-2020

We infer the number of COVID-19 cases based on recently reported deaths. Results suggest that by the time a single COVID-19 death is reported, hundreds to thousands of cases may already be present in the population.

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